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Maria Esther Tillmon has been the English as a Second Language coordinator at South Baldwin Literacy Council for a year. She teaches ESL and Spanish classes as well as 
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Esther Tillmon
Stacey Best
Our coordinator . . .
adult literacy
Our coordinator . . .
English as a Second Language
Stacey Best, our adult literacy coordinator, is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, with a bachelor of arts in foreign 
language, specifically in Spanish.

She also has a certificate for medical Spanish translation and interpretation from the University of Alabama, which has given her the opportunity to interpret in after-hours health departments and volunteer medical clinics.

Her work experience in the University of Alabama at Birmingham includes tutoring through Trio Academic Services, a non-profit that empowers students with no family history of college graduates to complete their degrees.

She has tutored privately in English, ESL, writing, GED, Spanish and many other core subjects, from elementary to university level. She also has completed Essentials tutor training through Classical Conversations, a world-renowned homeschooling program that is known for its excellence in advanced education. 

As adult literacy coordinator her responsibilities include interviewing adult learners, tutoring, conducting assessments, and preparing learner plans. She matches volunteer tutors with adult learners and supervises the tutoring.

She partners with Coastal Alabama Community College to identify and provide support to adults preparing to take the GED.

She is also developing SBLC’s new Learn To Earn program, which offers free on-site soft skills training to employers and their employees. Learn To Earn is designed to aid adults in acquiring the skills they need to confidently and competently perform their jobs.

“Being adult literacy coordinator is like a dream for me.” says Mrs. Best. “I am a homeschooling mother of three, working in a place that promotes love of reading, job skills, encouragement, and volunteerism. Every day my work allows me to do all the things I’m trying to teach to my own children; enjoy learning, love your family, love your neighbor and help them when you can. It is a blessing to work here.”

Mrs. Best came to Baldwin County from Birmingham in 2014. She and her family are active in Liberty Church, where she also teaches ESL.

When she is not tutoring others or her own children, you can usually find her enjoying the great outdoors and photographing nature’s splendor with her family.

translating and interpreting for the organization.

A U.S. Citizen, Mrs. Tillmon was born in Veracruz, Mexico. She received her schooling in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. After graduating from high school, her studies and diplomas were in computer skills, secretarial, and accounting.

While working in Mexico, Mrs. Tillmon studied English and met the man who would later become her husband. He was in Mexico, working for an oil company based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Knowing that his company was from the United States, Mrs. Tillmon contacted the company to see if she could practice her English with their employees. This English study turned into dating, eventual marriage and her moving to Weeks Bay, Alabama.

Mrs. Tillmon entered Coastal Alabama Community College in 2004 as an ESL student and accomplished 560 hours in three years. She then volunteered in that program for a year. 

After studying and gaining her U.S. citizenship in 2007, she became a member of the Coastal Alabama adult education staff as an ESL and civics teacher in 2008. She continues in that role at present, in addition to her work at South Baldwin Literacy Council.

Mrs. Tillmon is very proud of her students when they earn their U.S. citizenship and improve their communication skills.

Mrs. Tillmon also worked as an employee and a volunteer at the Community Action Agency in Daphne in 2005 and 2006.

Mrs. Tillmon lives in the Weeks Bay area with her husband and her son, who finished his second year at Coastal Alabama Community College this spring.

Mrs. Tillmon is at the SBLC office Monday through Thursday mornings.

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