A career readiness program.

We aim to give you the tools,

skills and confidence

to get the job YOU want!

SBLC is proud to partner with Baldwin Counties Gateway Initiative

The Gateway Initiative is a rapidly evolving workforce development leader in Baldwin County and is cutting edge while still holding to the core value of “business-driven programming.” Gateway Initiative, One Voice, One Vision, Moving South Baldwin Forward.


Free Services Included

Career interest/assessment

Complete career interest assessments and discuss the results to identify work fields that would be a good match. Understand your strengths and how they translate into your ideal career.

Complete assessments relating to employment skills, such as confidence, communication, and problem-solving. Discuss

the results and form a plan for change.


Employment preparation

Learn what the employment market is like

Set realistic expectations

Decipher job descriptions


Employment search assistance  

Receive assistance searching for available jobs, understand qualifications, and if the position is a good match.


Resume writing

Create or revise your resume. Understand how to tailor your resume to the specific company/position you are applying for.



Learn about the power of networking and how to effectively and efficiently network!

Interview preparation

Understand and prepare for commonly asked Interview Questions. Practice interview skills and successful follow-up practices.


Communicating with potential employers

Email, phone, and in-person communication skills and etiquette.


Pursuing training/education/trade

Identify local and national options - how to apply for college, apprenticeships, or certificate programs. Receive assistance with applications and follow-up


Public Speaking  

Review tools for developing talking points related to personal training, education, and experience as part of the process for

employment.  Practice speaking effectively in group settings on various familiar topics and “pop-up” topics.


Writing for Business

Learn about formal Greetings, how to write a formal email, proposal and report


Computer skills  

Learn computer applications such as Google Docs(Word)/Sheets(Excel)/Slides(Powerpoint) and more. Set up an email, basic computer functions,


Communication in the workplace  

Learn effective communication, communicating with difficult personalities, setting boundaries/expectations


Solving problems at work

Identify situations that cause problems with supervisors and co-workers and learn strategies for dealing with them


Goal setting and change

Learn to set SMART goals and prepare for successful change.


Building confidence

Overcome doubt and past negative experiences that hold us

back from reaching our employment goals.


Managing stress

Learn relaxation and self-care strategies that make for a more productive and happier work and home life.


Learning time management skills

Learn how to save time and balance all areas of your life.


Know your rights

Learn about employee rights in AL and at the Federal level, including laws that provide for minimum wage, leave, disability rights, prohibition on discrimination, and child labor. 

Learn about safety in the workplace, reporting accidents, and filing for workers’ compensation.  Learn about benefits available through the State of Alabama. 


Ethics and Professionalism

Learn the importance of being honest, attending work, refraining from abusive or discriminatory conduct, and work safely.  Learn concepts of workplace ethics and professionalism, that are important no matter what position you hold or seek. 


Work and Leadership Styles

Learn about an individual’s approach to work and leadership. 

Characteristics of different styles are presented for your own personal assessment as well as for those co-workers who direct your work or whom you may supervise. 



Generational diversity

Learn about generational conflict in the current workplace, where there can be up to four generations working side by side. in the workplace. 

Learn how different generations make choices and decisions based upon value systems, and how differences often lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. 


Financial success

Learn how to save money, live within your means, and stretch your money further.


Social Media Awareness

Learn about the power of Social Media, social media marketing/branding. Understand how employers use employees' social media accounts to make hiring decisions.


Balancing life and work

Understand the possible conflicts between work and family, clarify their personal values, and identify the signs that our

life is out of balance Understand how to resolve conflicts and set realistic goals and

expectations for eliminating conflict and implementing time management tips to achieve balance  

"I struggled to find a place I enjoyed working at with the help of Learn to Earn I found a job I love within 2 days!"

"Learn to Earn helped me prepare for this job, thanks to them I know have my dream job as a security guard!"