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The South Baldwin Literacy Council's English as a Second Language (ESL) Program is designed to teach grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, and life skills. Learning English improves a student's ability to find suitable employment opportunities, help their children and family members, navigate life in the United States, prepare for further education, and become more involved in the South Baldwin community. 

SBLC ESL Program

ESL Conversation

This class is designed for students in all levels of ESL learning. Students will practice conversational skills with tutors and other non-English speaking students. Practice includes learning about effective questioning and requesting, giving opinions, asking for clarification, and offering suggestions. Common English idioms are also heavily focused on.

SBLC ESL Program

ESL Beginner Levels 1 and 2

This class is designed for students with little experience in speaking and/or writing English. Students will learn practical, everyday English. Students practice in all four skill areas of the English language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will learn new vocabulary each class. Special emphasis is placed on recognizing and pronouncing common English words and short phrases.

SBLC ESL Program

ESL Intermediate Level 3

This class is designed for students with some experience in speaking and/or writing English. Students will improve their English while practicing skills designed to help them succeed at home and at work! This class improves students' conversational skills - teaching them how to talk about experiences, how to use different verb tenses, and more!

SBLC ESL Program

ESL Advanced Level 4

This class is designed for students seeking to advance their knowledge and understanding of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Special emphasis is placed on skills needed for both work and study. Students will continue to expand their vocabulary and fine-tune their pronunciation skills. Students will practice in dialogues, reading short stories, role-playing, and class discussions!

SBLC ESL Program

ESL Family and Multigenerational

This class is designed for small family groups. Parents and caregivers will learn basic English to help them support the academic and personal successes of their school-aged children. All students will enjoy hands-on learning and fun activities focused on helping families learn and improve English together.

SBLC ESL Program

ESL Cooking Class

This class is a fun way for students to practice English completely centered around cooking recipes. Students will learn common words and phrases related to cooking, reading directions, ingredients, utensils and tools, and more! Students will also enjoy a delicious lunch and take home a new recipe each week.

SBLC ESL Program

ESL Game Night

This class is a fun way for community members to improve the local literacy of non-English speakers. Students from all backgrounds and levels are welcome. This class is designed to celebrate and encourage ESL students as well as improve their English language skills in a fun, laidback manner.

SBLC ESL Program

TOEFL Exam Preparation

This program is offered to students in a one-on-one tutoring basis. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is one of the largest English-language standardized tests for non-native English speakers. It is designed to assess three major competencies - reading comprehension and vocabulary, structure and written expression, and listening comprehension. This exam is meant for students seeking to further their education at the collegiate level in the United States. Universities require this exam for acceptance as students need to be able to keep up with the level of English used at the collegiate level.

SBLC ESL Program

U.S. Citizenship Exam Preparation

This class is designed for students seeking to take the U.S. Citizenship exam. This class is taught entirely in English. Students must be able to read, write, and speak English at an High Intermediate or Advanced level. Students will learn about U.S. history and the U.S. government. In addition, students will improve their English proficiency.

SBLC ESL Program

ESL Health Literacy

This class is designed for students who are interested in learning about the U.S. Healthcare System and how to navigate it. Students must be at a High Intermediate or Advanced level. Students will learn about medical insurance, basic human anatomy, tips for healthy living, how to complete medical paperwork, how to communicate with medical staff, and more!

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