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The South Baldwin Literacy Council is composed of seven staff members, a board of directors, and a large network of volunteers who work together to improve the lives of students in our community. Our team members’ unique and diverse backgrounds contribute to the overall success of the South Baldwin Literacy Council. Although our team is varied, our devotion to community improvement has led us to the South Baldwin Literacy Council. Please take a moment to learn more about each of our team members and how they contribute to our cause.

Taylor Johns

Executive Director

Taylor Johns joined the South Baldwin Literacy Council as a volunteer in June of 2020. She is a Baldwin County native, having graduated Summa Cum Laude from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Originally, she planned to pursue medical school where her goal was to utilize her knowledge to help others. However, education had truly been the root of her passion. When she discovered the South Baldwin Literacy Council, she realized she had found an opportunity to change the world - one student at a time. Throughout the last four years, Taylor has diligently worked alongside the Adult Education Department to empower adult learners of all backgrounds. She is passionate about servant leadership, pursuing continued opportunity for self-improvement, and leading the South Baldwin Literacy Council into its next chapter of success. She believes that education is the great equalizer among us, and is committed to making a difference in her community. In her free time, Taylor enjoys the beach, reading, cooking, and spending time with her beloved pets - Cooper and Stella.

Annette King-Hummel

Adult Education Supervisor

Annette King-Hummel joined the South Baldwin Literacy Council in August of 2023. Throughout her career, she has had the honor to work with students of all ages - from preschool to high school. She brings over twenty-five years of teaching experience in both private and public schools. Annette has a Master of Science in Educational Leadership and a Master of Science in Education of the Gifted and Talented. She is incredibly excited and motivated by the learning that occurs among those enrolled in our Adult Education Program! In her free time, she enjoys reading, walking, exploring local cuisine, and spending time with her husband, Jon.

Krissy May

Youth Services Specialist

Krissy May joined the South Baldwin Literacy Council in January of 2023. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Florida. With her, she brings over seven years of experience working with infants to elementary students across multiple grade levels. Krissy has extensive knowledge in RTI and previously served as a Primary RTI Chair where she helped other teachers implement effective RTI practices. Additionally, Krissy has served as a reading interventionist and as a reading tutor. She is incredibly skilled in her knowledge of reading interventions and is an incredible asset to our team. In her free time, Krissy enjoys going to the beach, baking, and reading.

Emily Freeman

Office Manager

Emily Freeman joined the South Baldwin Literacy Council in October of 2022 after the Navy brought her family to the area earlier that year. She is currently enrolled at Coastal Alabama Community College, seeking a degree in Social Work. Emily is passionate about community involvement, helping others continue their education, and advocating for others. Emily is incredibly warm to all students, volunteers, and visitors who visit our main campus. She exudes a caring, compassionate nature and makes sure that everyone feels at home. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, three children, and several "fur-babies".

Bailie Heard

Adult Education Specialist

Bailie Heard joined the South Baldwin Literacy Council in February of 2024. She received a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of South Alabama. Previously, she served as a case officer for the Youth & Family Services division of the Mobile County District Attorney's Office. In her previous role, she worked with at-risk youth to reduce high-risk behaviors. She is passionate about improving the lives of students in the Baldwin County community through education. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at home with her fiance and four-legged family members.

Susan Bartholomew

Community Development Supervisor

Susan Bartholomew joined the South Baldwin Literacy Council in November of 2020. She brings over thirty years of experience working with the community to develop relationships - from children and their families, to high school students and adults. She has always had a passion for education, helping students achieve a higher level of learning. She aims to engage all students, pushing them to step outside of their comfort zone to become the best they can be. Additionally, Susan is passionate about connecting those within her community. She believes relationships are the foundation to meaningful and life changing contributions. Susan co-founded a reading/teaching program in Nicaragua, where she and her family serve on many levels. She also currently serves as a board member on the University of Alabama Early College Parents Leadership Council. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys photography, freelance writing, and giving back to her local, national, and international communities. However, her favorite pasttime is spending time with her husband, two daughters, and four-legged family members.

Patsy Shreve

Youth Services Supervisor

Patsy Shreve joined the South Baldwin Literacy Council in August of 2021. With her, she brings over forty years of experience in the field of education. After graduating from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education, she taught students across various grade levels in elementary and middle school. Additionally, she has worked with adult learners! Patsy is passionate about teaching children to read - with the goal of seeing them experience success and personal growth. She believes that improved literacy encourages personal growth in all areas of childrens' lives. Outside of work, Patsy enjoys traveling to experience the diverse cultures and customs of those in other parts of the world. She lives in Fairhope, AL with her husband, Jim, and dachshund, Fritz.

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