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           Congratulations students! 

Zack Graduated on Nov 9th, 2021!

Zack didn't get the chance to get a regular education, Today he has passed his GED with flying colors. He has put in hard work and took the time out to study for 7 months. He was enlighted by your dedication and education.

He tested well into college levels and is now enrolling in our Learn to Earn program to look at different college options!!


Sarmarian Graduated on Sep. 2nd, 2021!!

Samarian flew through the program and got his GED less than a month!!

Next stop - building maintenance apprenticeship! He is already enrolled in Coastal's AL classes and has his interview with Perdido beach resort tomorrow!

If you are interested in getting your GED and or starting a career path stop come see us today!


Mary received her Earn to Learn on Nov. 28th, 2021!!

Mary attended at the Foley High school and now works at Rue 21. Mary is stacking her money up and has her eyes on buying her first car! Way to go, Mary!


Congratulations on Jayden for moving forward and landing his new job at Perdido Beach Resort!

Fill out the form to enroll in our employment program!


Keith graduated with his GED on September 1st of 2020! Keith works 70- 80 hour weeks at a local gas station and has wanted his GED for 20 years. With 4 kids, Keith has been working hard to support his family but without a GED his options were limited. Now Keith plans to join the police academy and can't wait to move on from the gas station so he can spend more time with his family. 

"It was hard for me to tell my kids to finish school when I didn't, now I am going home to tell them If I can do it at 37 years old, you can do it now!" - Keith


Heath Graduated on Dec 9th, 2020!

Heath is a custodian at a local elementary school and was up for promotion; however, he did not have his GED. Heath didn't let that stop him! Now Heath is a GED graduate and starts his new position as building grounds manager on January 4th!! He is now encouraging his wife to get her GED.

"If I can do this, anyone can do this" - Heath


Robin received his GED diploma in November of 2019. We are very proud of Robin's hard work! Robin is an avid learner and continues to push forward in his goals. Congratulations Robin, thank you for allowing us to work with you!

Trina is from Venezuela and started coming to Advanced English classes Fall of 2019. I’m a dentist and I want to continue my career here in the United States. I will do whatever it takes.  In her ESL class, she worked on career skills in English such as creating a resume, completing online applications and mock interviews. After interviewing for her current position she had this to say. Everything they asked in the interview was what we covered in class!  They offered me a job!  She now has a full time position as an orthodontic assistant and continues to come to class on her days off.

Trina SS.jpg

Ricardo Noriega is one of our GED graduates. He worked two jobs as a server in the evenings and found the hours stressful trying to be a husband and father to his small children. He had been offered a better job with benefits if only he had his GED. "I felt really discouraged when I first took the test and only passed three out of four subject tests. That was 15 years ago.  I had tried taking some classes since but it just never worked out." In a little over 6 months, he completed each one of his subject tests and now has his diploma! "Don (his tutor) never let me give up." Ricardo went on to get his CDL license and is driving for Coca-Cola. "I am working days and now have time to spend with my family. I love this job and I never could have gotten it without my GED. I appreciate you guys so much."  

Clifford L. Brown had goals of obtaining his GED, getting his driver’s license, and to be accepted into cosmetology school. He had to move to Texas to take care of a sick family member for a few months during tutoring classes, but stayed in touch with the SBLC. In January 2018, Clifford passed all of his subjects and obtained his GED.  Provided with information on a cosmetology college in Mobile, we helped assist him with financial aid applications to attend. 

Carina Rojas is a wife and a mother of three with a thirst for knowledge! In addition to being an ESL student, she attended Coastal Alabama Community College, where she recently received her Office Administration certificate. Through many hurdles Carina has continued to devote time to her studies and is constantly working to improve her language skills.

"I showed up to the Literacy Council full of hope and doubts,

but the teachers were always there to

help encourage me, going above and beyond."

Clara, Mexico

"Language is the tool of life. Learning hear has benefited me greatly. 

I am now just a normal person who can communicate in English."

Yurong, China


"It gave me the opportunity to learn to speak English in order to get my first job in this country.

My tutor and teacher have been more than friends, angels who have walked beside me on this difficult path of being an immigrant. I am infinitely grateful to the Literacy Council. I love it! Your work is very valuable."

Jeannine, Venezuela

It was hard for me to tell my kids to finish school when I didn't,

Now I can go home and tell them, If I can do it at 37, you can do it now!"

Keith Merry GED Graduate 

Mykel Knight has participated in multiple programs including GED preparation, budgeting, Learn 2 Earn, calculator class and independent living skills. He is well on his way to completion! He is a very talented writer and poet. You can find his first book, "Unique - A Golden Deluxe Poem For Brilliant Women".

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